Inpatient surgery I perform as affiliated doctor at the Sana Klinik München-Solln (, outpatient surgery at the Isar-AOP ( Both clinics are highly competent in their field and can provide a high standard of pre- and postsurgical care.

Endoprosthesis (Artificial Joints)

  • Shoulder joint, anatomical and inverse
  • Hip joint
  • Knee joint
  • Revision surgery after endoprosthesis, e. g. after loosening or dislocation of the implant

Joint Surgery

  • Traumatology
  • Degenerative damages/soft tissue damages


  • Tendon reconstruction, e. g. Achilles tendon
  • Tendon seam (foot and shoulder)
  • Muscular seam
  • Removal of hematoma
  • Treatment of upper and lower limb fractures

Foot Surgery

  • Forefoot-/Toe surgery (e. g. bunion surgery)
  • Hindfoot surgery (e. g. arthrodesis)
  • Ankle surgery

Removal of Metal Implants

  • Complete removal of nails, plates, screws and wires after osteosynthesis

Nerve Release

  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, ganglion cysts of the shoulder, suprascapular nerve, ulnar nerve impingement

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Kinderorthopädische Untersuchung

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